Easy Inventory Control- With Attributes

Virtuemart Attribute Inventory ControlThis is a Virtuemart Modification that will allow you to have FULL control over your inventory based on the attributes. Currently virtuemart gives you the option to control your product in stock. But what if you have different sizes and colors? How do you keep inventory of how many Mediums or Larges were purchased? There are ways to use VM Product Types and Product Attribute to control this but it is a bit confusing and time consuming. HERE IS YOUR EASY ANSWER TO THAT PROBLEM: You enter the amount you have in stock for each attribute...eg. medium-2. After each sale the stock for that attribute is decreased. When the stock reaches 0 the attribute is removed from the drop down box on the front end, and cannot be selected or ordered until you have replenished the stock for that attribute.


VIRTUEMART 1.1.6, 1.1.7, 1.1.8, 1.1.9







  • This component is strictly for ecommerce sites that will use either 0, 1 or 2 attributes (Ex:Size & Color). If your items require 3 or more attributes, you may need to find another solution.
  • This component will ensure that you will NOT sell more products for each given attribute than you have in stock.
  • This component comes with addon coding that changes the default functionality of the Virtuemart software. If you have additional addons installed that does this as well please contact us by email so we can make recommendations on how to integrate. Some addons include virtuemart coding changes that affect tax rates or shipping.
  • This component eliminates the need to use the default parent child product configuration and the attribute configuration, under the 'Product Status' tab in the default Virtuemart configuration. You will have to use this component to configure all of your attributes throughout your VM Shopping cart.
  • If some products do not have any attributes, this component will still work.
  • If some products only has one attribute this component will work just fine.
  • If some products only has two attributes this component will work even better.
  • If any products only has three or more attributes this component will NOT work for your shop.
  • if you would like us to install this component for you for a small fee, please contact us by email.
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